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Web-based Class Projects in Biology

Introductory Biology 181 Honors (Fall 2008)

Introductory Biology 181 Honors (Fall 2007)

Introductory Biology 181 Honors (Fall 2006)

Introductory Biology 181 Honors (Fall 2005)

Introductory Biology 181 Honors (Fall 2004)

Introductory Biology 181 Honors (Fall 2003)

Introductory Biology 181 Honors (Fall 2002)

Introductory Biology 181 Honors (Fall 2001)

Introductory Biology 181 Honors (Fall 2000)

Introductory Biology 181 Honors (Fall 1999)

Introductory Biology 181 Honors (Fall 1998)

aquaporin Aquaporin-1: Destroying the Diffusion Dogma
By Biology 181H Group 6, Fall 1998 (Faculty mentor: Stephen Wright)
Cancer & NMR Spectroscopy
By Biology 181H Group 13, Fall 1997 (Faculty mentor: Kathy McGovern)
gp 120 HIV and X-Ray Crystallography
By Biology 181H Group 2, Fall 1998 (Faculty mentor: John Anderson)

Educational Outreach
Science Connection:
Science outreach by UA faculty & students

By Bill Binder (Faculty mentor: Gail Burd)

autoparasitoid wasp Autoparasitoid Wasps
By Biology 181H Group 15, Fall 1998 (Faculty mentor: Molly Hunter)

Are There AIDS-resistance Genes?
By Biology 181H Group 2, Fall 1997 (Faculty mentor: Margie Smith)
Blackett Family DNA Activity
By Darin Goss (Faculty mentor: Rick Hallick)
Cystic Fibrosis
By Biology 181H Group 7, Fall 1997 (Faculty mentor: Stephen Wright)
DNA Forensics Problem Set
By Darin Goss (Faculty mentor: Rick Hallick)
The FosB Mouse: Is nurturing one's child genetic or learned? By Biology 181H Group 3, Fall 1996 (Faculty mentor: Elizabeth Vierling)
Genetic Immunization
By Biology 181H Group 16, Fall 1996 (Faculty mentor: Doug Lake)
New Methods in Karyotyping
By Marcia Underwood (Faculty mentor: Bill Grimes)
Those Wacky Evolving Antibodies
By Biology 181H Group 2, Fall 1997 (Faculty mentor: John Anderson)

Microbiology & Immunology
The Dengue Virus
By Biology 181H Group 17, Fall 1996 (Faculty mentor: Elizabeth Willott)
Immunology Learning Modules
By Nathan Hartvigsen (Faculty mentor: Doug Lake)
Alzheimers & Aluminum: Is there a connection?
By Jennifer McGilton and Juan Acevedo (Faculty mentor: Barb Fishel)
The Capsaicin Receptor: a pepper's pathway to pain
By Biology 181H Group 12, Fall 1998 (Faculty mentor: Linda Restifo)
Male Specific Neurons In Flies: Navigation Site
By Biology 181H Group 11, Fall 1996 (Faculty mentor: Nick Strausfeld)
Smoking & the Brain
By Biology 181H Group 7, Fall 1996 (Faculty mentor: Mark Dodson)
weight Nutrition, Muscle & Excercise
By Biology 181H Group 14, Fall 1998 (Faculty mentor: Erik Henriksen)

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