Medicinal Values of Capsaicin

How Pepper Potency Can Help the Pain

That Same Old Pain Bothering You Again? Having problems with that pesky arthritis, muscle pain, post-operative neuralgia, oral mucositis, or bladder pain? Try the new and improved line of capsaicin creams, proven to cure all sorts of pain.

But what is capsaicin, you say? Capsaicin is the chemical that gives peppers their "hot and spicy" taste. It opens an ion channel in nerve cells that mimics the effects of heat.

But how can burning my tongue help my pain, you say? Well, capsaicin also has medicinal properties, not just culinary.

  • Capsaicin helps arthritis sufferers by lowering the levels of Decapeptide Substance P (DSP) in the synovial fluid of joints. Capsaicin breaks down DSP, which can destroy cartilage and also magnify the sensing of pain.
  • After direct injection of capsaicin into the bladder of patients complaining of pain, the capsaicin eased the pain after only an hour and a half. Capsaicin desensitized nerves from pain through eliminating unneeded nerve cells through necrotic death. A topical capsaicin cream can do the same for you in just four short weeks.
  • So you've had surgery and the problem's all fixed, right? Almost, as soon as you get rid of that annoying post surgical neuropathic pain. The American Society of Clinical Oncology recently published proof that capsaicin cream (0.075%) worked to cure neuralgia in 60 % of patients after a 16 week trial using the cream 4 times each day. This is 42% more than the placebo cream capsaicin was pitted against did.
  • Besides all this, capsaicin, the wonder drug to replace Viagra, can prevent heart attacks and strokes, reduce serum cholesterol levels, relieve backaches and psoriasis, as well as help cure strains and sprains. Capsaicin may even regrow your hair!
Capsaicin Prescription Information

Generic Name: Capsaicin
Chemical Name: trans-8-methyl-N-vanilly-6-nonenamide
Common Uses: This medicine is used to relieve pain caused by inflammation and surgery and other conditions as determined by your doctor.
Type of Medicine: non-habit forming, analgesic drug, for topical use only.
Dosage: Apply three to four times daily.
Possible Side Effects: This medicine may cause temporary stinging or burning sensations. If sensation persists, discontinue use and consult your physician. There are no known harmful interactions with other drugs.
Cautions: Do not use this medicine is under the age of 2. Do not apply around eyes, nasal passages, or genitals. May cause burning or inflammation. The FDA has approved levels of 0.025% to 0.25%, topical.