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Group Members:

Ryan Falsey - Worked with Nick on the information about wasp genetics. Thanks to his friend,
Kathryn M. Liptak who helped with the drawings for the genetics section.

Christine Hawkins - A leo who is proud of the work the members of the group put into this great page.  The artist of the Encarsia Adventure, and typist extraordinairre.

Nick Johnson - I am a biochem and psych major.  I worked with Ryan F. on the genetics segment of this project

Ryan Kelley - The tall, silent type.

Kimberly A. Marlow -  I am an older returning student or "new traditional" as they are calling it, a sophomore, and am a Ecology and Evolutionary Biology major, and of course, an honors student.  I work  at the College of Law as the Financial Aid Counselor, Senior. 

Chau Tran- She's one of the talented web masters. Together with Nathan, they've created the masterpiece that you are viewing right now. She's a freshman, majoring in biology, and she is planning to go the medical school someday.

Nathan Weinberg - A 5th (or is it 6th?) year senior who is destined to start medical school in the fall of 2000.  I worked with Chau to design and create this amazingly wonderful website.

Sandy Weller - I am majoring in MCB and psych and I want to be a doctor.

Ty White - He constructed the information for the "What is a Parasite" section.


We would like to give thanks to several people who gave up their time to work with us and help us create this page:

To Dr. Hunter for mentoring our group, introducing us to a new field in biological studies, giving us material to help with the web page, helping us to edit our web page for scientific accuracy, and being an excellent recource for all of the facets of this project.

To Madeline LaPointe for encouraging our web design ideas.

To Denice for being an invalubale aid in web page construction and taking the time to explain to Nathan how to do many exciting things with Adobe Pagemaker.


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