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AUTOPARASITOID - A Parasitoid that lays female eggs in homopteran hosts, such as whiteflies, and male eggs in developing parasitoids, including females of their own species. The larvae complete thier growth inside the host, eventually killing it.

DIPLOID - Having two sets of chromosomes.

ENCARSIA PERGANDIELLA - Scientific name for this particular autoparasitoid wasp.

HAPLOID - Having one set of chromosomes.

HYMENOPTERA - A winged insect order of wasps, bees and ants who go through complete metamorphosis.

HOMOPTERAN - A winged insect order of aphids, cicadas, and whiteflies who go through incomplete metamorphosis.

HOOKWORM - A type of parasitic roundworm.

LARVA - The immature stage of insects that go through complete metamorphosis.

PARASITE - An organism that feeds on or in a different organism, its host, causing it harm.

PARASITOID - Parasitic insects, such as some wasps and flies, that complete their growth inside a single host eventually killing them.

PATERNAL GENOME LOSS - The loss of the paternal set of chromosomes.


THELYTOKY (PARTHENOGENESIS) - The development of female offspring from unfertilized eggs in asexual reproduction.

WHITEFLY - An insect that appears to be like a moth, yet has piercing sucking mouth parts.  It is related to aphids, cicadas, and jumping plant lice.


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