HIV and X-ray Crystallography

    Welcome to our web site!  We are students at the University of Arizona who are enrolled in Honors Biology 181.  As a requirement for our class we have created this web site to explain a scientific journal article which was assigned to us.  Our article, entitled "Structure of an HIV gp120 envelope glycoprotein in complex with the CD4 receptor and a neutralizing human antibody," deals with analyzing the structure of HIV, and how it infects human cells.  If this sounds really complicated to you then please keep reading as it will all be explained in our web site.

    Along with an explanation of the gp120 envelope and the CD4 receptor, there will be some general information about AIDS, a summary of our article, an explanation of the article's content, and a bit of history about the process of x-ray crystallography.  Please click on the Next Page link below to enter our web site.  The links bar will also take you to any page on the web site that you may be particularly interested in.  We hope you learn a lot and enjoy your visit!

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