Who is Group 2?

Ann wrote the introduction.  She is freshmen majoring in molecular and cellular biology who loves science, sleeping, and reading.
Andrew put together the AIDS information page.  He is sophomore majoring in biochemistry and he loves to sleep and eat.
Cheryl wrote the x-ray crystallography page, and designed the web site.  She is a sophomore majoring in veterinary science and loves dancing, sleeping, and fuzzy little critters.
Tracy wrote the Experiment page.  She is a freshmen majoring in microbiology and enjoys playing sports and the trumpet.
Heather wrote the Conclusions page.  She is sophomore majoring in veterinary science.  She likes sports, dancing, and running in her spare time.
Tiffany wrote the AIDS prevention page.  She is a freshmen majoring in pre physiology and loves playing the piano and spending time with her friends.
Tina wrote the Glossary page, and assisted in the web site design.  She is a sophomore majoring in general biology and likes to perform human dissections in her spare time......really, she does.
Seema helped Andrew write the AIDS information page, and she also assisted in the design of the web site.  She is a     junior majoring in microbiology and enjoys spending quality time arguing about page backgrounds with Cheryl.
Jeff Kraft, heir to the Kraft cheese family fortune, did absolutely nothing.  When he was first reported missing in        action, we sent out a number of search parties to look for him.  Unfortunately Jeff could not be located.  However, rumors have been floating around that Jeff has recently resurfaced and is now interested in participating in this project.  Coincidentally the web site is now finished so there is no work for him to do.  Sorry Jeff....you snooze you lose.
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